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Hello, I'm Thomas Anton Geurts. A passionate Designer, Woodworker and Video Content Creator.

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Tumbling bowl XL 'Earth Tones'

Made from silver maple, African Padauk and American walnut.

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Below you will find an overview of my design work. Feel free to contact me for custom made orders, or visit my Etsy shop.

Dutch artist Thomas Anton Geurts with exclusive CNC art object

A Dreamer &
a Perfectionist


I’m a Designer, Woodworker and Video Content Creator from the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands, where my shop is also located. I’m both a dreamer and a perfectionist. It is my aim as a Designer to create mesmerizing patterns and combinations, which you will be able to gaze at for a very long time.

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Large woodturned bowl, 3d tumbling block, Escher inspired. Created by Dutch artist Thomas Anton Geurts

Created with Care,
Creativity and Precision


Creating videos is a highly important part of the entire creative process. Not only do I enjoy sharing my knowledge, it will hopefully also be a calming experience to the viewers.

Mixed winged bowl, wood art created by Dutch artist Thomas Anton Geurts. Bowl residing on 'blocked coffee table'.

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